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Jon Shank
Landscape, Portrait & Event Photography

Jon Shank

Landscape, Portrait & Event Photography

(678) 521-1096

About Me

As any artist, I am captivated by extremes, thriving on edginess one day and timeless the next. If my ‘works’ were to be complied into a book, one would find it hard to capture an overall theme. My method is highly collaborative and I have a diverse eye for different types of photos. Using what I know about how people move through my training in dance, blended with my theatrical background and studio photography training, I am constantly looking to refine my apparent talent for the pressing of a button.


Ramone Photography Studio - Assistant to Ramone Permel
Wedding, Event & Portrait Studio
2007 - 2008

Nova Marketing Media - Account Executive/Event Photographer
2005 - 2007

Freelance & Collab.

Ashley Vetere
Ryan Ziegler
Des Todes Photography
Nova M.M.

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